Rok publikacji: 2023
Demokracja i społeczeństwo obywatelskie

From Hashtags to Votes: Social Media Patterns in Poland’s 2023 Parliamentary Elections

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The 2023 Polish Parliamentary elections, held on 15 October, were a pivotal moment for the nation's political landscape. The opposition, a coalition of centrist, centre-right, and left-wing parties, won the majority of votes over the Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, PiS) party, which has been in power since 2015. This significant shift was underlined by the highest voter turnout in the history of the Third Polish Republic, at 74.4 per cent, indicating a marked change in Poland's domestic politics and potential shifts in its relationship with the European Union.

This report covers the role of social media in shaping the political upheaval witnessed during the elections. It provides a detailed analysis of how various political actors used platforms like Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), examining the quantity and impact of their digital engagements.

The report scrutinises the tone and sentiment of the online discourse, identifies key topics and narratives, and assesses how social media strategies might have influenced voter perceptions and the outcome of the elections.

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