How to pursue convergence of social standards in the European Union as part of social dialogue?

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How to pursue convergence of social standards in the European Union as part of social dialogue?

Several years have passed since the enlargement of the European Union, but the question remains how to achieve convergence of standards in industrial relations between the old EU member states and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in which the institutions of social dialogue are much weaker. IPA, together with the ARTUS CEE project partners, is preparing a series of publications that will address this issue.

The Institute of Public Affairs and research centers from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania have carried out joint research and obtained data on the articulation of the interests of trade union organizations from individual countries of the region in European structures.

On 29th June 2020, the experts participating in the project met in a virtual space to discuss how to present the findings and conclusions in the publications scheduled for this autumn. The project team of the Institute of Public Affairs presented and discussed:

•    current findings of the comparative report, including data from selected Western European countries, supplementing the picture of the European landscape of trade union interests with (dr Jan Czarzasty)
•    draft national policy papers (Barbara Surdykowska)
•    plan of a European level policy paper (Sławomir Adamczyk).

From the IPA, Małgorzata Koziarek and Dominik Owczarek also took part in the meeting.
The publications will be released in autumn. Currently, country reports with research findings are available. You can read the Polish report HERE

More about ARTUS CEE project

The project is co-financed by the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
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