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Al Jazeera representatives visited IPA

Al Jazeera representatives, visiting Poland at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland took part in a meeting with experts from the Institute of Public Affairs. A group of six Al Jazeera’s members attend a discussion led by IPA’s President dr. Jacek Kucharczyk, head of the European Programme dr. Agnieszka Łada and head of the Civil Society Programme dr. Grzegorz Makowski.

IPA’s experts has presented their observations and results of the research on polish political transition, especially on changes in political and legal systems as well as foreign policy. Challenges faced by the civil society in the democratization process were also a part of discussion. Both experts and media representatives were analyzing how to exploit Polish transition experience in the countries of North Africa, where the democratic changes have just begun.
IPA is interested in changes in Polish political transformation. Institute’s studies are documented in the publication: "Democracy in Poland 1989 – 2009. Challenges for the future". What is more IPA is involved in discussion concerning support for democratic changes in EU’s southern neighbourhood countries. We have organized a debate “Democratic transition in Tunisia and Polish experiences”, attended by Tunisian minister (July 2011). Report “Strengthening EU Democracy Support as a Task for Polish Presidency – lessons learnt and challenges ahead” was published in spring this year. We are also planning future events. Conference “Democracy, Partnership, Enlargement. Challenges for Europe, challenges for Polish EU presidency” will be held in November. Experts from Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Western Balkans, representing think tanks from PASOS network, as well as analysts from form EU’s southern neighbourhood countries will take part in this international event.

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