Rok publikacji: 2020
Zrównoważony rozwój i polityka klimatyczna

Can politicians feel the climate? Enviroment and climate change in the public debate

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The interest of politicians in taking action related to climate and the environment is linked, inter alia, to their awareness, knowledge and attitudes towards these issues. For these reasons, the Institute of Public Affairs decided to carry out a study concerning the perception of the issues related to environmental protection and climate change by political leaders in Poland as persons responsible for shaping climate and environmental policy in Poland and, on the other hand, having a strong impact on the public debate and opinions of Poles in these matters.

Our goal was to analyse the views and positions of political and public decision- makers on selected aspects of climate and environmental policy. We also wanted to assess their awareness of various climate and environmental issues, as well as visions of how to respond to the key problems and challenges facing Poland and the world in connection with climate change and degradation of the natural environment.

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