Centrum Konstytucjonalizmu i Kultury Prawnej

Since 2015, public authorities' compliance with the norms and provisions of the constitution and the rule of law has been deteriorating significantly.

At the Institute of Public Affairs, we have taken numerous measures during this period to halt and reverse these negative trends, cooperating with other civic organisations at home and abroad.

To strengthen and better coordinate our activities in this area, we have reactivated the Centre for Constitutionalism and Legal Culture (CCLC).

The CCLC was already active within our Institute in 1997-2001, headed at that time by Professor Mirosław Wyrzykowski, the current Chairman of the Council of the Institute of Public Affairs. At that time, the Centre actively supported the work on the Constitution of the Republic of Poland adopted in 1997, published numerous books and other publications on constitutional issues, and organised seminars and conferences of international scope.  

The now reactivated  CCLC will support our Institute in raising the quality of public debate in Poland and inspiring legal and institutional changes. We want to educate and support civic activities related to the rule of law. The task of the  CCLC is to undertake coordinated and continuous activities in the field of knowledge exchange, joint creation of solutions and preparation of civil society to work on rebuilding the rule of law in Poland.

The activities of the Centre for Constitutionalism and Legal Culture from 1 August 2023 will be headed by Filip Czernicki - doctor of legal sciences, attorney-at-law, university lecturer, professionally specialising, inter alia, in NGO law. He has been actively involved in cooperation with social organisations for many years. Co-founder of the network of student legal clinics and actively promoting pro bono attitudes among lawyers. Coordinator of pro bono programmes of the District Chamber of Attorney-at-Law Bar Association in Warsaw, President of the Polish Legal Legal Clinics Foundation. Board member of the Global Alliance for Justice Education, Chairman of the Audit Committee of the National Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations.

Activities in 2022-24 co-financed by the Norwegian Funds under the Active Citizens - National Fund Programme.

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