Year: 2023
Social policy

Smart-working and the organisation of labour: smart-working and internal labour markets in Poland. Country case studies

The report discusses the findings of two case studies conducted as part of the project "IRSmart: Industrial Relations for Smart-Workers in Smart Cities", involving large organisations with large-scale out-of--office work. The first is an electricity company employing technicians to maintain the transmission infrastructure, among other things, in an ICT-based mobile working formula. The second case is a large foreign-owned bank which, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has implemented the large-scale use of work-from-home for headquarters' employees, previously almost completely unused. The report examines the factors that led to the introduction of these solutions, the impact of out-of-office work on working conditions and employee well-being and the market situation of companies, as well as the social dialogue at the company level on remote working.


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