Year: 2024
Democracy and civil society

Public sentiment, activism and attitudes towards democracy according to Polish public opinion. Opinion poll results, June 2023


This report delves into the initial segment of a comprehensive analysis derived from a quantitative study conducted in June 2023. The study surveyed a representative sample of 4,088 Polish citizens, both women and men, aged 17 years and above. The sample reflects the population’s distribution across various demographics, including gender, age, location, and province (voivodeship) of residence.

Our report primarily focuses on three core areas: public activism, attitudes towards democracy, and the level of trust in public institutions. These areas are critical in assessing the overarching scenario in Poland. The objectives of reviewing these topics are twofold. Firstly, the report contributes to the ongoing discourse regarding the quality of democracy and the state of civil society within Poland. Secondly, the insights gained from this study
were instrumental in assisting various civic coalitions in optimizing their advocacy and communication strategies ahead of the elections in October 2023.

A considerable portion of the questionnaire echoes themes explored in previous studies conducted jointly by the ISP and the NDI in 2018, 2020, and 2021. This report primarily leverages data from these preceding years to track opinion trends, especially among the younger participants in the cohort. The concluding section of this analysis presents overarching conclusions and actionable recommendations aimed at reversing negative trends in the Polish populace’s attitudes towards democracy and bolstering their engagement in public activism, thereby enhancing the functioning of the nation and its local communities.

We trust that you will find the study’s results insightful and a valuable contribution to the discourse.


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