Year: 2024
Gender equality

Voting or winning? Women in the 2023 parliamentary elections

  • The provisions that regulate the quota mechanism in proportional elections should be complemented by a system of mandatory alternation of men and women in the top ten on electoral lists ('slider'). This is important because analyses show that there are still districts where there are no women in the top positions of the electoral lists. 
  • Political parties should take steps to strengthen intra-party democracy, including balanced participation of women and men in their governing bodies through statutory regulations.
  • Parliament should consider conducting a gender equality audit in line with the OSCE Guidelines  .  Such an audit will map the main areas of gender adjustment in parliament and allow measures to be implemented. 
  • Raise awareness of the problem of violence against female politicians and develop a system for reporting and responding to acts of violence, especially hate speech on the internet. 
  • The National Broadcasting Council should issue a regulation obliging political parties to balance part of the time allocated to female and male candidates in free election programmes broadcast on public television.


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