Year: 2018

Citizenship empowerment: potential for civic participation in the Visegrad countries, 2017 & 2018

Our ambition was to evaluate the ways in which societies meet the challenges of our time. Resilience has come to the forefront of the agenda. Resilient societies require empowered citizens. In this context, what are the mechanisms for helping to transform residents into citizens? What sort of landscape facilitates citizen empowerment? Is there a shared perception of public engagement on the one hand, and a consumer-based approach on the other? If so, to what extent? And, provided they are willing to do so, are people more likely to participate at local level or is it easier for them to commit themselves to a national or global cause? What causes are they prepared to stand for? Should we care about how they perceive the elites at EU or national levels? And how resilient are they to propaganda, radicalisation and
extremism? The aim of this research is to map the level of active citizenship and to explore what motivates individuals to become active participants in the democratic process in the V4 countries.



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