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Activities of the Polish Members of the European Parliament – English summaries

The Institute of Public Affairs presents two new publications devoted to the activities of Polish Members of the European Parliament in the first half of Parliament’s seventh term. In Not only foreign policy Polish members of the seventh European Parliament: midterm report IPA experts analysed the political position, the main achievements and the methods employed by Polish MEPs. European politics onlineThe case of the Polish members of European Parliament summarises their Internet activities and use of Internet tools for communication with the citizens. The authors analysed MEPs’ websites, Facebook fanpages, blogs and Twitter accounts.
Both publications are summaries of full reports (in Polish):
Nie tylko polityka zagraniczna, Melchior Szczepanik, Jacek Kucharczyk (red.)
Europoseł w sieci, Agnieszka Łada, Małgorzata Fałkowska-Warska
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