Year: 2020
Gender equality

Women in national politics in Poland. Strategies of political parties in the 2019 parliamentary elections

In connection with the 2019 parliamentary elections and the preceding election campaign, the issue of women's participation in politics appeared quite frequently in public debate. Not only was the female politician Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska promoted by the Civic Coalition as the future prime minister, but also the female leaders of the Left called on the opposition to support the 10-point "Pact for Women" and encouraged women to participate in the elections.

One could expect that this would be reflected in the result of women in the recent elections. This report is an attempt to answer the question of whether that actually happened. In the course of a survey conducted by the authors concerning the strategies of political parties towards female candidates in the local government elections of 2018 , an idea appeared among the female leaders of political parties that it was the parliamentary elections where the promotion of female candidates was the most important and the most visible.

The following analyses also examine this proposition and respond to the question whether the parties focused on women in the 2019 parliamentary elections. The following sections of this report present the results of statistical analyses of women's participation in the last parliamentary elections, as well as conclusions from interviews with both male and female representatives of key political groups about the strategies of various parties towards female candidates running in these elections. The summary contains recommendations which, if applied, could increase the level of women's representation in Polish politics.


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