Year: 2022

The Ukrainian Journey towards the EU: Reforms – Resilience – Recovery

Four months after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Council (EC) demonstrated its stand with Ukraine by granting us candidate status. Today Ukraine can count on the overall support of economic, military, social, and financial resilience by the European Union (EU) in return for further reforms needed for Ukraine as the EU membership candidate country. This decision is a historic moment for both sides – the EU and the Ukrainian people. From the perspective of the European Community, candidate status is the way to tie the country with its reform path and determine its geopolitical roadmap. For Ukraine, that has Russia on the border, it is also the way to survive as a democratic state, defending not only its existence but also European values. For more about the steps and challenges on the Ukrainian path towards the accession please read the article by Marta Sydoruk, conducted in the frame of Solidarity with Ukraine Fellowship at IPA. 


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