Year: 2015

The energy union: views from France, Germany, Poland and The United Kingdom

The revival of the debate around the energy-related problems of the European Union, provoked by the Polish proposal of 2014 to create an Energy Union, demonstrates that the subject is widely considered to be significant. This conclusion is supported by opinions of experts and stakeholders gathered by the Institute of Public Affairs in four countries: France, Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom. The functioning of the internal energy market does not meet expectations and it seems that it is only through concerted efforts of member states – a coherent European strategy – that the most pressing problems can be addressed effectively. An overview of reactions and expectations in member states suggests that the Framework Strategy published by the European Commission in February 2015 reflects rather well the dominant opinions on the most pressing challenges. It is, however, a general document that formulates a large number of priorities which might sometimes turn out to be difficult to reconcile. The measures needed to achieve the goals spelled out in the document may become the object of discord between member states.


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