Year: 2018
Social policy

Outsourcing in health care, security services and facility management companies in Poland

Outsourcing services in Poland have been following the same general trend as the global economy, and experienced a dynamic development in the last decade. However, due to weak position of social partners, incapability of collective bargaining institution in the country and specificity of outsourcing activities, workers are not collectively organised. This translates to precarious working conditions and lack of bargaining power in confrontation with employers. This position has been amplified by state policy of outsourcing in public institutions (public administration, hospitals, education institutions, etc.) perusing the logic of a “cheap state”. Also new phenomena occur in the economy like facility management companies (FMC) that offer integrated outsourced services (cleaning, catering, security, maintenance) provided to client companies. Nevertheless, collective employment relations have not emerged in FMCs, despite higher scale of organised employment there. 

The report is an output of an international research project RECOVER, Relaunching Collective Bargaining Coverage in Outsourced Services (Agreement number VS/2016/0351) carried out in partnership with Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), University of Durham (United Kingdom), University of Teramo (Italy) and Institutue of Public Affairs (Poland) in the period 2017-2018. The project has been financially supported by the European Commission, DG. Employment, Social Affairs and Social Inclusion.


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