Year: 2022
Social policy

Let us participate – impulse document

This publication deals with the regulations and practices of employee participation in social dialogue in situations of restructuring in multinational corporations operating in the European Union. The report is a summary of the project „Let Us Participate! Cross-border reorganization and the future of employee involvement in corporate governance”  involving a partnership representing six countries: Denmark, Spain, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Italy (leader). Each part of the report outlines the key results of the national studies in comparative perspective. The chapters of the report include two general parts: a brief description of the legal regulations at the EU and national levels and views of social partners on the subject of analysis. The report is concluded with the summary of the recommendations submitted by the partners addressed to the public actors and the regulators pointing out what actions are necessary to be undertaken in order to improve social dialogue and establish robust cross-border collective bargaining. 

The report was translated into all languages represented in the partnership: 


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