Year: 2020
Gender equality

„…It has become so pervasive that I keep forgetting about it”. Violence against women on the Polish political scene

In the context of domestic violence, the metaphor is often invoked of a vicious circle which is difficult for women to break away from, unless they react to the first act of violence. A similar mechanism seems to apply to violence against women in politics, where the smaller the number of women in political parties and public authority bodies, the more difficult it is to raise this topic in the debate. On the other hand, the low level of women's participation in politics is caused, in addition to a number of reasons described on the basis of numerous studies also conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs , also by the fear of violence against politically active women. Looking into this problem may be the first step to break this vicious circle that prevents women from engaging on the political scene on an equal footing with men. 


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