Year: 2021
Social policy

European path for the revitalisation of polish trade unions: National policy papers – ARTUS Poland

Polish workers' organizations recognize the importance of trade union activity at the European Union level, both through European trade union federations, and with respect to EU management processes (such as the European Semester). This conclusion results from the research conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs among activists of Polish trade unions. Barbara Surdykowska hypothesizes that it is the weakness of industrial relations in Poland that prompts trade unions to formulate postulates aimed at the European level, with the hope of solving problems by interacting with Brussels. The author recommends actions that can or should be taken by Polish trade unions, Polish employers and public authorities to contribute to more effective articulation of Polish workers' interests in the European Union.

This national policy paper is one of a series covering Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. It was developed as part of the project entitled ARTUS CEE ‘Articulation of the Trade Unions’ Strategies on Upward Convergence of Social Standards in the Enlarged European Union – Voices of CEE Countries’ (VS/2019/0070), which was led by the Institute of Public Affairs (Warsaw). The other partners were the Central European Labour Studies Institute (Bratislava), the Centre for Economic Development (Sofia), the Lithuanian Social Research Centre (Vilnius), the Institute of Public Policy (Bucharest), and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana. 



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