Year: 2024
Social policy

Digitalisation, employment and working conditions

The objective of the manual is to support social partners – both unions and employers' organisations – to prepare for digital transformation and to shape the working conditions in the context of collective bargaining. It aims at delivering user-friendly information on selected topics related to digitalisation on EU context and regulations as well as key challenges and issues to be negotiated among social partners to find an agreement.
The manual consists of two parts: „Digitalisation, employment and working conditions“ and „Digitalisation and job requirements/lifelong learning prospects' – which are published in two separate documents.
The Manual is the result of the common efforts of the partners in the EU funded project „INDUSTRY 4.0: Strategic employee involvement in digital transformation of oil, gas and coal mining and supply companies“ – especially the national studies conducted in eight partner countries in 2023 and two European workshops that took place online meeting in December 2023 and in Serbia in January 2024.
The first part of the Manual „Digitalisation, employment and working conditions“ covers the following topics:
• Digitalisation and automation – involvement of workers • Impact of digitalisation on working conditions and employment • Telework and ICT-based mobile work • Platform work


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