Year: 2013

Development of Civic Competence and Democratic Beliefs of Future Teachers (Education Students): Analysis of Requirement Defined by the State Education Standard of Russian Standard of Russian Federation


The purpose of writing the paper is to draw the attention of the officials of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science responsible for the structure and content of higher education standards to the problem of developing civic competence. This is one of the key competencies of future education professionals who after graduation are destined to become teachers working with a new generation of Russian citizen. At first I will introduce the definition of civic competence, describe the results of several studies devoted to its specifics in Russia and analyze the main obstacles for its development within the Russian Federation education system. Then I will describe the experiences of the EU and Poland in developing civic competence and analyze which of them can be of use in the Russian context. This paper may be of interest not only to officials of the Ministry of Education and Science but also to educators who have an interest in and responsibility for curriculum


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