Year: 2019
Social policy

Challenges to the World We Knew: Industrial Relations and New Forms of Employment

Currently, most of the new forms of work identified by Eurofound can be carried out in Poland and have the legal basis regulating in detail employment or service relation, income taxes, social contributions etc. The only exception is voucher-based work which is specific social policy solution implemented only in several EU member states. Also legal basis for crowd work is still unclear in Poland. Specific regulation regard only interim management (managerial contract, which is one of the forms of civil law contract), outwork, temporary agency work, and telework. All other forms might be conducted under general regulations of Labour code (employee sharing, job sharing), Civil Law or self-employment (causal work, ICT-based mobile work, portfolio work, crowd employment, collaborative employment). Due to weak industrial relation system in Poland use of new forms of work is primarily a matter of decisions about the application of innovations in the field of work organisation (mainly by the employer, while less space is left for workers’ preferences).


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