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Ukrainian students migration to Poland, Chech Republic and Hungary: human capital perspectives

Ukrainian students migration to Poland, Czech Republic  and Hungary: human capital perspectives

According to state statistics number of Ukrainian students in Polish, Czech and Hungarian universities has increased dramatically from 4 573 in 2008 till 25 847 in 2014. In fact it continues to grow due to economic instability in Ukraine and effective admission campaigns in V4 universities.

However there is lack of awareness of how the potential of this human capital is used in Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Ukraine. Do the economy trends, migration and labour policy of all 4 countries match the motivation and plans of future young professionals? How many of them plans to settle in country of graduation, to move further west, to come back to Ukraine? The lack of answers decreases chances to involve potential of young Ukrainians more effectively and to foresee future outcomes.

The main objective of a project is to find out how Ukraine, Poland, Czechia and Hungary could use professional and social capital of Ukrainian students who choose to study in Polish, Czech and Hungarian universities more effectively.

Project Leader:
Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)

Project Partners:

Centre for Society Research (CEDOS)

Association for International Affairs (AMO) ­

Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education Central European University

Slovak Foreign Policy Association

Project funded by Visegrad Fund the Kingdom of the Netherlands                       

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