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Polish-German Barometer

“Polish-German Barometer“ is a project which regularly collects and publishes the opinions of Poles and Germans about the condition of Polish-German relations and about current challenges.

The Institute of Public Affairs has been conducting this research since the year 2000 in cooperation with the Office of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Poland and the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation. The Deutsches Polen-Institut is a project partner since 2020.

Nachbarschaft mit Geschichte: Blicke über Grenzen Deutsch-Polnisches Barometer 2020

The outcomes of the ‘Barometer 2019’ point out, that Poles and Germans can see the impact of the second world war on their mutual relations, however, Germans recognize it more seldom. Both societies differ significantly in the assessment of the United States and its president. In this edition it was also asked about the assessment of the round anniversaries of the outbreak of the second world war, Poland’s accession to NATO and EU and the democratic transformation.

Full outcomes of the research:
Agnieszka Łada, Wspólny kierunek, różne perspektywy. Polskie i niemieckie spojrzenia na wzajemne relacje, Europę oraz porządek światowy. Barometr Polska-Niemcy 2019 (pl) LINK
Agnieszka Łada, Gemeinsame Richtung, verschiedene Perspektiven. Deutsche und polnische Ansichten zu den gegenseitigen, europäischen und globalen Beziehungen. Deutsch-Polnisches Barometer 2019 (de) LINK
Agnieszka Łada, Common direction, Different perspectives. Polish and German views on their mutual relations, Europe and the world (en)

Research results 2018:

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Katarzyna Chimiak
Project Coordinator/ Analyst
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