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Women and men playing by the same rules: partnership in the family - partnership in the public life.

The IPA is launching new project on partnership of men and women in family and in public life. The project will be funded by Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.

Between 1st of July 2011 and 30th of September 2012 we will be able to organize series of seminars on participation of women in different spheres of public life: administration, politics, business or non-governmental organizations.

The main aim of the project it to turn people’s attention to the disproportion between men and women in taking care of domestic duties, which has an impact on lower participation of women in public life. Through presentation of good practices in the relations in family, we would like to increase women’s participation in public sphere. We will address our activities both to men and women, elder people and juveniles, so that we can promote partner relations between sexes in the whole society.

In the frames of the project we are preparing:
· book on partnership addressed especially to young readers;
· documentary film on partnership of men and women in different spheres of public life;
· “Partnership Inspirer” – handbook of good practices on partner relations between sexes.

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