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What do Poles know about the European Parliament 6 months before elections?

Jerzy Buzek, former Prime Minister and former President of the European Parliament is the most well-known Polish MEP, but 7 out of 10 Poles does not know ANY Member of the European Parliament. Only 4 out of 10 Poles know that Members of the European Parliament are elected. English summary of the new IPA report is now available.

Although Poles are one of the most euro-enthusiastic society in the European Union, in the last European Parliamentary election the turn-out in Poland was the second lowest in the whole EU. IPA survey shows that most of us do not even know, that it is our right to elect members of this institution.

27% believe that MEPs are elected by members of the Polish parliament and 14% that they are nominated by the government. The detailed survey’s results as well as result of focus-group interviews about the European Parliament were presented during a conference with the European Commission Representation in Poland on 30 October.

Summary of the report: “The European Parliament. Social trust and ignorance” /pl/publikacje/parlament-europejski-spoleczne-zaufanie-i-niewiedza/
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