Representatives of ISP took part in meeting in Skopje

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Representatives of ISP took part in meeting in Skopje

On 3-4 September, representatives of ISP took part in a project meeting organised in Skopje (North Macedonia) as part of the project "ENGAGED. Fostering Fostering decent working time regulation in the public sector through reinforced employee involvement".

Danuta Pławecka, executive director of ISP, and Dominik Owczarek, director of the Social Policy Programme, presented the preliminary results of a study conducted in Poland and participated in the discussion on the further course of the project.

The goal of the ENGAGED project is to study the activities of social dialogue organisations for the introduction of employee-friendly solutions in the area of working time in the public sector. This undertaking is also intended to encourage social partners to take initiatives in the studied area. The project is conducted in an international partnership, and the Institute of Public Affairs takes part in it as a coordinator of the research module. Research institutions and social partners from Spain, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Italy are also involved. The project, co-financed by the European Union under the budget line "Improving Expertise in the field of Industrial Relations", will be implemented until November 2020.

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