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Is It a Fortress Europe? Statement by the Board of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum

Important statement by the organisation  which we are members

The Board of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum is deeply concerned about the situation of the refugees trying to reach the European Union and those already living in camps on the Greek islands1. We strongly condemn attacks on human rights defenders who are providing refugees with health care, food and schooling, as well as multiple cases of an inhumane treatment of newcomers at the EU border.

The refugee situation has deteriorated this year because of heavy bombings targeted at civilians in the Idlib Province in Syria by the Assad regime, which has been backed by Russian troops3. Besides, Turkey chose to open its border to the European Union breaking the 2016 EU-Turkey deal. Subsequently, thousands of people have been trying to cross the Turkish-Greek land border or arrive to the Greek islands by boat in an attempt to seek a safe shelter in the European Union. Read full text of the statement
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