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IPA to host a Think Tank Fund fellow - application procedure opened

Institute of Public Affairs was chosen by Think Tank Fund as a hosting organization for an internship program for MA and PhD graduates.

Recipients of the Open Society Foundations Scholarship Programs’ fellowships in 2009, 2010, 2011 and graduates from the Central European University since 2009 are offered to apply for paid internship. Up to 10 selected fellows will have an opportunity to work in one of the leading think tanks in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union.

Being interested in helping young, talented people to develop their professional skills under the guidance of experienced staff, IPA has found itself among interns’ hosting organisations. We are offering the candidates three possible policy research areas: EU - Eastern Europe economic relations; Healthcare policy; Civil society, democratic institutions and integrity of public life.  

Successful candidate is expected to engage in following activities:
  • Working on a research project about development assistance and participation in the project
  • Preparation of a research report
  • Preparation of articles for the press
  • Project coordination
  • Organisation of conference or seminar at the end of the project
  • Preparation of the research results on the conference or seminar
  • Preparation of a grant application
  • Contact with media
  • Participation in conference and seminars

For further information please visit our pdf profile on Think Tank Fund website or contact Katarzyna Renaud, tel. +48 22 556 42 61, e - mail: isp@isp.org.pl
Detailed criteria concerning the internship program are available on Think Tank Fund and How to Apply webpages.

Please remember!
Applicant should submit their documents to Think Tank Fund by 10.11.2011
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