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Immigration, integration and social mobility – the results of Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX)

Poland creates many obstacles hampering the process of integration of the foreigners, and the Polish migration policy suffers from lack of coherence – these are the main conclusions of the seminar hosted by the Institute of the Public Affairs and British Council. The aim of the seminar was to discuss the results of the MIPEX report, comparing the conditions for the integration of the immigrants in Europe and North America.

Our seminar attracted many people from various backgrounds: the representatives of nongovernmental organizations, journalists, experts and immigrants. Discussion following the presentation of MIPEX focused on the polish migration policy was arranged.

Discussion was moderated by Justyna Frelak, head of the IPA’s Migration and Development Policy Programme. Experts pointed out the weak elements of Polish migration policy (such as: lack of the intercultural education, lack of access to the health service, length of the procedures for acquiring citizenship, inadequate educational tools, facing discrimination in everyday life).

At the same time, the number of recommendations were also proposed. For instance, Ksenia Naranovich (“Foundation of Development Without Borders”) suggested, that the process of giving the work permissions should be hastened. In addition to this, prof. Irena Rzeplinska (“Helsinki Foundation of the Human Rights”) said, that we have to change our attitude toward immigrants, who may successfully fulfill the gaps in the labor market.
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