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Have its cake and eat it too. Polish debate on the Eurozone crisis – new IPA report

On the day of the last 2012 European Council summit starting, IPA issues a report on the Polish debate about the crisis in the Eurozone. “Setting a date of euro adoption would improve Poland’s credibility in European negotiations but is risky from the perspective of domestic politics”, argues our expert.

The paper maps Polish discourse on the current crisis by identifying and analysing the positions of key actors on the Polish political scene. It is part of a broader project that seeks to identify similarities and differences in attitudes towards the turbulences in the Eurozone in Poland and the Czech Republic, two countries that remain outside the Eurozone but are bound by treaty to join. Based on analysis of public documents, press reports and interviews, the paper illuminates the stage of debate on six issue areas, identified by the project framework:
-          euro adoption
-          two Eurozone pacts that were opened for non-Eurozone members
-          support to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
-          banking union
-          the financial transaction tax (FTT).
Some of them will be discussed by European heads of states and governments at todays’ and tomorrow’s summit.
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