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From activist to politician? IPA is starting with a new training program in Ukraine!

Ukraine is currently awaiting major reforms, which aim it is to build a democratic state  and make the country ready for membership in the European structures. Many might think that for real changes in Ukrainian politics fresh faces are needed, people, who were activists for the civil society and for whom the next step in the career would be entering politics.

To support those postulates the Institute of Public Affairs, the Foundation Nasze Podole and the network Civil Initiative Ukraine are inviting all the interested Ukrainians – civil society activists, representatives of NGOs and local activists to take part in “Emerging Political Leaders” program, which could be a good opportunity to become active on the political platform.

The project consists of a series of organized workshops, which will include such things as creating leadership skills and the functioning in the political environment. The best participants of the program will be invited to Warsaw, where they can continue the training program and meet with civil society activists, who decided to engage themselves in public activities. On top of that each participant gets the chance to present their ideas on the way a given branch of public politics should be reformed.

The recruitment process for the first stage of the project: trainings in Vinnytsia, Odessa and Sumy has already begun. You can apply until the 4th of January 2015.

We encourage Ukrainians, who are being active for causes concerning the local society to apply and kindly ask others to forward the information to their Ukrainian friends!

Announcement (Ukrainian) >>>>

Application form (Ukrainian) >>>>

Information about the project:

Łukasz Wenerski
Analyst/Project Coordinator, European Programme
+ 48 22 556 42 87

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