European works councils – final conference

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European works councils – final conference

In Friday 19 November 2021, a seminar was held summarizing the two-year project on the assessment of the European works councils operation from the perspective of their members in Central and Eastern European countries ("Improving the equality and level of the representation of employees through organisational assimilation and the efficient use of the EWC instrument by parties interested in industrial relations”). The partners presented the main results of their research studies conducted in Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia, Poland and Romania. The national presentations were accompanied by the speeches of experts: Floriana Marin from Romanian trade unions and Dr. Michael Whittall from the Friedrich Alexander University (Erlangen Nurnberg, Germany). The Institute of Public Affairs was represented in this project by Dominik Owczarek, Maciej Pańków and Małgorzata Koziarek.

It is worth noting that this was one of the first projects fully implemented during the coronavirus pandemic and all project activities were carried out remotely (including training for trade unions).

We encourage you to read the national report prepared by the ISP and the comparative report prepared by the leader: Institute for Public Policy (Romania).

National report – Welcome to European work standards! Mirages of membership in European Works Councils (Poland)

Comparative report containing key results from the national studies

The project is co-funded by the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Social Inclusion of the European Commission. 

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