March 24 13:00

Manipulation/Disinformation/ Mystification How to fight Russian propaganda in Europe

Zielna Conference Centre, Europa room, 37 Zielna St., Warsaw

Troll factories, Russian-language media and little green men. Russian propaganda machinery is working on full speed, creating an virtual reality. Results are impressive: the propaganda created parallel versions of what happened during Euromajdan (fascists took power in Ukraine), of the conflict in Donbas (internal Ukrainian conflict) and the war in Syria (Americans support ISIS to get rid of president Asad).
The next aim is to politically destabilise the West. Attempts to influence the US presidential elections were confirmed by the CIA. One can expect next such attempts during elections in France and Germany this year.
Warnings against Kremlin activities were raised in the special resolution of the European Parliament. So, how should the EU respond to the Russian campaign of disinformation, inducing a sense of danger and uncertainty and causing divisions in the EU?
Let’s discuss another question about Europe!
Marathon of ideas
Łukasz Wenerski (Institute of Public Affairs) – about the main topics of Russian propaganda in Poland (key findings of the report  by IPA and Political Capital)  
Mateusz Bajek (Global.Lab) – about Russian o rosyjskich ‘troll factories’
Panel discussion
Grigorij Mesežnikov, Institute for Public Affairs, Bratislava
Anton Shekhovtsov, Human Sciences Institute, Vienna, author of  
Anastasia Sergeeva,
Moderation: Agnieszka Lichnerowicz, TOK FM
The debate will be organised in Polish and English. Simultaneous translation provided. 

The debate is organised within the framework of the project, supported by the European Parliament, in which Institute of Public Affairs and the Friedricha Eberta Foundation try to initiate a public debate on issues important for Europe that are also discussed in the European Parliament. Project co-financed by the European Union 


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