September 19 11:00

Democracy in action? Protest movements and civic activism in Latin America & Europe

Institute of Public Affairs, Szpitalna str. 5/22 Warsaw

Civic participation is not limited to casting electoral vote or engaging in non-governmental organizations. Nowadays democracy is about protesting, acting and speaking out one’s opinions directly, without any representatives. Whether on the streets, on the internet or in the social media people are trying to express their needs to change the way democracy works right now.

During our seminar informal civic movements from Latin America will be presented and discussed. We will also discuss the challenges faced by the movements and try to answer what is their future. Presentations by Chilean experts will be a starting point for further debates on similarities and differences between American and European social activism.


Rodrigo Alvarez Valdes, Centro de Estudios Enzo Faletto, University of  Santiago de Chile

Matilde Spoerer,University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne

Moderation: dr Jacek Kucharczyk, Institute of Public Affairs
Seminar will be held in English. 

Information concerning the event: Katarzyna Renaud, 22 556 42 61,
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